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Monday, January 21st 2019  
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History of Time

Time also telling
Sometimes people does not realize if time telling
Time telling through your experiences
Without time, you may not go to anywhere
What is time
How is time control you
Who is time
Time is time
Time is your destiny for experience
Without time, can you taste the fact

Fact is only made on the time
Time is a duration
Sometimes you can diversify the time
Facts and experiences telling you between today, tomorrow and yesterday

To Understanding tomorrow
You have to understand now
And to understand now
You have to understand yesterday

Now, can be means by minutes, by hour, by day,

by week, by month, year, decade,
Yesterday also can be means a minute a go,

or a thousand of year ago

Tomorrow can be means a minutes after this minutes
Experiences define the meaning of time
But… experience is fact and not time

Time is a space of something which experience can be made or made in…

That is the mystery of time

So What is Time

Who is Time

How you define the Time?

Only mystery unless time giving you an understanding to understand TIME

Agustinus Dawarja
7 June 2007

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