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  Term of Representation  
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Scope of our role
At the beginning of our client-counsel relationship, we will prepare an engagement letter. This letter defines the scope of our undertaking. We will only undertake tasks set out in that letter or in other communications between us. Our duty of care is to our client named in the engagement letter. We do not want to give advice based on incorrect assumptions; therefore, we need you to tell us all relevant information. In addition, as agreed by both parties in written instructions, you can monitor our works, which is clear and frequent communications would be the most important matters in our works relationship.

Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest
We will protect the confidentiality of any information that you provide to us and avoid conflicts of interest in representing you.

The teamwork that we build at LexRegis-Agustinus Dawarja & Partners, would take their responsibilities very seriously and will never discuss your affairs with any other person or organization outside the firm without your express permission. We understand that clients need to know that they can trust a firm before asking it to give them advice. We also understood that this trust comes in three essential elements:
  1. Clients should trust a firm to do its work within the time agreed upon,
  2. Clients should trust it to do their work with a high standard of quality and excellence, and, most importantly
  3. Clients should trust the firm to respect the confidentiality of the information it is given, and never discuss this information with other parties without your consent.

Quality of Services
As one of the best law practices in Indonesia, we strive to maintain the highest standards of practice through a process of selectively recruiting the best people for the job, careful supervision, and rigorous training. Our lawyers are dedicated to provide the best quality services to our clients. We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations by working together to provide information and services, which is personalize to our client's needs. With our highly skilled professionals, and high speed connections to international electronic database systems, our lawyers have easy access to all of information they need to handle your problems. All of our supported operations are by our up-to-date office technology, maintained by our highly competent IT staff members. It is because this that we can provide you with first class services, all at a reasonable price.

Basis of Our Charges
We understand that clients need to budget their legal costs. Our goal here at LexRegis-Agustinus Dawarja & Partners is to assist our clients with a better comprehend where their fund is going to, and we are happy to discuss the basis of our charges and billing procedures. Bills are prepared primarily based on the time spent on your case, unless there is another arrangement agreed upon by both parties before the commencement of our working on the case. The professional staff members and other fee earners have different hourly rates. These rates are dependant on experience and are review at the end of every year. The hourly rate of all fee earners is all-inclusive, with exclusion of expenses incurred on your behalf. The time each staff member spends on your case will be recorded in a computerize time recording system. This is a highly sophisticated system, which ensures that we maintain accurate records of the services provided. A print out of these computerized bills will be providing to you upon request.

Fee Estimates
We are always happy to give clients an overall estimate of the entire fee, including disbursements. This estimate will have to be base on information, which client gives us and our assessment of the workload involved. This is not supposed to be a binding quotation, however we will strive to notify to our client of any changes in the fees, and review procedures with them. It is often not feasible for our firm to accurate predicts fees for future work, and many of the legal services that we provide do not lend themselves to fixed fee arrangements. If you would like to use our services on a regular basis, you may want to agree on a retainer to cover a proportion of our work for you. When a fixed quote cannot be accurately predicts, you may wish to place a budget on your case. We will work diligently on your case up to when reached the budget, in which case, will contact you and review your case with you. You may wish to make a decision on the status of your case at that time. If you have concerns about the budget, fees or disbursements, need have a special requirement, please inform us ahead of time. Communication allows us to better work on your case and assist you, knowing what your special needs are.

As requested by our clients, we will provide an estimate of the likely charges, fees and disbursements. The final charges, fees and costs may differ from the estimate if the scope or nature of the matter changes, our role changes or unforeseen circumstances arises. You should therefore view the details as our best estimate, based on the information you have provide and any assumptions given, of the cost of our services in the matter. Our estimate is not a fee cap or maximum fee. Neither is it a minimum fee; we will always strive to provide our services on time and under budget.

Billing Procedures
Generally, our legal fees and expenses to clients are in U.S. Dollars and IDR currencies on a monthly basis, except for litigation. Payment is due upon receipt of our account. Expenses such as telex, facsimile, courier, long distance telephone calls, travel, staff and building overtime, photocopying and document preparation costs will be charge to clients, some of which may include an overhead recovery factor. We may require advances if significant out-of-pocket expenses are to be incurred by us.

For non-litigation works, our charges are generally base on hourly rates. We will be dictating by your requirements for a certain case. Most of the files will be bills at a monthly interval, however, some departments’ bill on a less frequent basis. A final bill will be delivers to you at the completion of your case. If there is any balance remaining in your account, we will naturally refund it to you. Our bills are due for payment when you receive them, and it is expects that we receive payment within 30 days. However, if you are experiencing genuine difficulty in paying our bills, please discuss the matter with the supervising attorney on your case, and we will endeavor to assist you with the matter.

If you need to talk to a lawyer, do this in the most efficient way possible. If you need to discuss many things, it would be best to ask for a meeting where we can both use this time effectively. However, if it is not an important matter, or if there are not many matters to discuss, a phone call or email will suffice. Keep the meetings as brief as possible, to ensure that you are not charged for unnecessary matters. Prepare for these meetings, and come in with your comments ready, so that no time is wasted. We can better help you if you are clear and concise with your issues. Please ensure that you have all the necessary supporting documents at hand, so that it is not necessary to reschedule another meeting. If you require advice of a preliminary nature, it would be most cost effective to do so in a meeting. In addition, if you believe that, many questions will arise when asking for this advice; a meeting would be the most convenient way to address all your questions. We look forward to working with you and assisting you with any problems that you may have. We hope that this advice will help us to develop a lasting and mutually rewarding relationship with you.

Hourly Rates and Deposit
In general, we follow international practices by billing with the hourly rate, which is ranging from USD60.00 - USD300.00 per hour, depending on the skills, experience and knowledge of the particular attorney handling the matter. These rates, which we believe compare favorably with those charged by other major law firms in Jakarta, may be modifies over time and are subject to applicable taxes. Exceptions may be made upon consultation with you in cases where we contribute special expertise to the client's success.

As a matter of policy, we require a deposit of USD2,500.00 from all new clients. We will keep this deposit until the attorney-client relationship ceases.

Billing arrangements
We will issue our bills monthly or at discrete stages and our bills will set out the total professional fees charged during the relevant period as well as our disbursements on your behalf. If your accounts remain unpaid, we may cease work on your matter after giving you reasonable notice.

Disbursements fees are the expenses, which we pay or incur on client behalf and are separate from our professional fees. We will bill you for these expenses or ask in advance for funds to cover the disbursements, such as court filing fees, bonds, stamp duty, legal research and airfares. We may charge you for services we supply including photocopying, long distance telephone calls and faxes. Our bill will provide an itemized breakdown of all disbursements charged to client account.

Although you may expect to be reimburse by a third party for our fees and costs, we do not have any recourse against that third party so we must look to you for timely payment, even if payment to you is delay or not received.

We may ask you for funds in advance and applied to your account in payment of our fees or disbursements.

Any communications or documents transmitted by email may be interfere with, contain computer viruses or other defects, or may not be successfully replicates on other systems. We will not be liable for any copying, recording, reading or interference by others during or after a transmission, or for any delay or non-delivery or for any damage caused in connection with a transmission, you have any doubts about the authenticity of any communication or documents purportedly sent by us, please contact us immediately.

Official inquiries
We may be required in the future to participate in an inquiry, or proceedings arising out of our engagement in this matter. This may for example, involve our producing documents, seeking to claim and defend your privilege to resist inspection or disclosure of certain documents, or giving evidence at an inquiry. We will seek your instructions if these circumstances arise, but you agrees to pay our normal hourly rates for such work and reimburse our out-of-pocket expenses incurred on your behalf.

Either of client or us may terminate an engagement by giving appropriate notice. Client should pay our fees and disbursements incurred up to termination and for any work; we are required to do in relation to the matter after termination.

Guide for Clients
LexRegis-Agustinus Dawarja & Partners strive to provide our clients with quality services. This Client’s Guide will give a brief summary of what our clients should aim to expect from a firm such as ours. It will also outline general policies of our firm, such as the billing procedures as well as communications. Please feel free to contact any of our attorneys, who may in turn direct you to the lawyer who is most able to assist you in your case. If you are unsure about who to speak to, we invite you to contact our Managing Partner, Agustinus Dawarja at +6221 5200550 on our office hours.

Our office hours are normally from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. However, if these hours are inconvenient to you, we are perfectly willing to meet you outside of these hours by arrangement which is can be held in the conference room at our office, or another location suit your convenience.


Our Litigators have many years experience and advice clients and represents plaintiffs and defendants before or out of courts and agencies (Commercial Dispute, Bankruptcy, Arbitration, Labors Dispute, Intellectual Property Dispute, etc). Our Lawyers have license to appear before courts in all region of Indonesia in all type of courts: District Court, Commercial Court, High Court, Administrative Court, Military Court and Supreme Court. We represent both domestic and foreign clients in any courts in Indonesia.


Our Partners has one of the largest and broadest corporate practices from the establishment of the business organization, organized the standard operation procedure for Board Meeting, Communications with the shareholders of the company, Shareholders meeting, merger and acquisitions, buy back shares, strategic investments, joint ventures and divestitures including spin-off (Private Company, Public Company and State Corporations). We also represents the Company, financial advisors in initial public offerings, equity offerings, high yield debt offerings (Bonds), rights issue with or without preemptive rights, offering for Employee Stock Options in many areas of business including banking, financial company, pharmacy, food and distribution company.

Our Lawyers represents buyers, sellers and financial advisors in merger (merger by acquisitions), friendly acquisitions, merchant banking transactions, leveraged buyouts, assets purchases, divestitures under Indonesian transactions and international transactions in textile industry, securities company, advertising, real estate and others business area. Many of these transactions are great size and present intricate business problems and first time or unique Indonesian and international regulators issues.

Our Partners have advised numerous clients concerning recapitalizations, debts equity swap, Mandatory convertible bonds, Asset equity swap, and the purchase or sale of business and assets from distressed companies.

We also represent the client to register their good will business (trade-service mark, copyrights) in Indonesia or overseas including with the franchising program for expansions their business. In many merger or acquisitions, there are many significant aspects on the intellectual property law.

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